Recently we were asked, “What’s so difficult about building a dog park? It’s basically just a fenced area, right?”

Our Planning Committee has been hard at work for several months developing a park design concept and a proposal that includes a detailed analysis of our needs and an explanation of how we expect the Park to operate. We’re working towards creating a target for fundraising and a timeline for building and opening the park, and collaborting with the Town to finalize site selection and build community support. Looking through our website, you’ll find the guiding principles that the Committee has agreed upon for the park design and some of the fundraising efforts that we’ve scheduled for the coming months. You should also watch for community presentations in your village about the park and its progress.

I also want to personally welcome you to get involved on our Board or sub-committees. We have our annual meeting coming up in June and new Board elections. We are in dire need of help with fundraising, membership development and public relations so if you have expertise or time that you can lend please reach out to me or anyone on the Committee to express your interest. We’d love to have you “on board.”

Barbara Cappelina

Author: johnc