Our Park

As the park was developed, what were our guiding principles and park design?

Until we reached an agreement on the site and how the park design would be laid out on the topography, some details of the park design couldn’t be finalized. We came up with the following “Guiding Principles” that define how the park would be constructed and operated. Once we concluded negotiations with the Town, these principles, our budget and the actual piece of land came together to produce a final design and project plan to bring the park to life.

  • Separate enclosures for small dogs, large dogs and a multi-purpose enclosure suitable for training and other uses
  • Fencing that deters dogs from seeing/interacting from one enclosure to another
  • Vestibules to prevent loose dogs from escaping enclosures
  • Maintenance of the park and its rules
  • A well-run volunteer program
  • Water for thirsty dogs
  • Storage for maintenance equipment and supplies
  • ADA compliant parking and paved pathways
  • Surface/footing that can be maintained hygienically but is easy on canine feet
  • Seating/shade that encourages visitors to use the whole of park enclosures
  • Information kiosk for rules and communications
  • Effective waste disposal
  • Education and support for the public on responsible dog ownership
  • Site that is visible and accessible for security reasons
  • Access that discourages vandals (no easy exit)
  • Parking lot design that discourages people from using our parking for other purposes.