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We’re excited to report that our committee and the Town of Barnstable have agreed upon the site at the corner of Phinney’s Lane and the Hathway’s Pond Access Road as the best place to build the dog park. This is an excellent location that’s central and has easy access.Th

This consensus allows the Town and the Committee to formalize an agreement to construct the park and positions us tor more effective planning. It aso puts us in a better positoin to raise the funds we need to start construction. Thanks to our Fundraising Chair, Mary Bassing, and all the people who have supported our efforts so far, we’re making steady progress toward our goals and we look forward to stepping up our game to make this park a reality!
Thank you all so very much for your support thus far. We’ve come a long, long way in fewer than two years and we have, if not the end, in sight, at least the beginning of construction!

Barbara Cappelina

Author: johnc